Quicken Deluxe 2010

Quicken Deluxe 2010

Quicken Deluxe 2010 gives you money management and budgeting tools to help you watch your spending and increase your savings.
An intuitive "Spending Planner" summarizes your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month. Click to enlarge.
See your full financial picture at a glance. Click to enlarge.
Getting started is a breeze. Click to enlarge.
Avoid late fees and penalties. Click to enlarge.
Get help and advice from other Quicken users without ever leaving Quicken. Click to enlarge.

Set personal finance goals and save more

  • Shows where you're spending and helps you see where to save
  • Brings your accounts together all in one place and helps you set budgeting and savings goals
  • Helps you stay on top of bills and avoid late fees with alerts on upcoming payments
  • Upgrading your Quicken? See "What's New in 2010" for the latest features and benefits

Features and Benefits

Watch your savings grow
We make it easy to get on--and stay on--a budget. Set suggested spending limits and savings goals based on the information you enter into Quicken day-by-day.
An intuitive "Spending Planner" summarizes your actual spending and compares it to what you planned to spend for the month. Check your progress at a glance, and quickly see where you have room to spend or need to save more.
Quicken Deluxe can also help you create customized plans to reduce/eliminate debt--and to save for a house, college, retirement or large purchase.
See where your money's going
Quicken Deluxe shows you what you have coming in, going out, and most importantly, what's left over to spend or save. Check in anytime to see exactly where your personal finances are for the week, month or year.
View your accounts all in one place
Organizes your finances by bringing your online accounts together--including checking, savings and credit cards. Avoid the hassle of going to multiple websites. Now you can see it all in one place with just ONE password. Access over 6,700 banks, brokerages and other financial institutions--including PayPal.
Never miss a bill
See what bills have already been paid, what's coming up, and if you have enough left in your accounts to cover them--all in one convenient place. Set reminders to pay bills on time and instantly check the status of past bills.
Simplify taxes with TurboTax
Quicken Starter Edition pairs perfectly with TurboTax to save you time. Easily export your data directly to TurboTax for fast and accurate tax preparation.
Enjoy free support when you buy, install or upgrade Quicken
If you need help purchasing, installing or upgrading your new Quicken personal finance software, free phone support is available. For more information, visit our Help & Support site.
Save money and shop smart
Our free service--Quicken Picks--seeks out the best online coupons and discount offers just for you, on the stuff you care about. You also get cash back on all your purchases, helping you save even more. You can sign up for Quicken Picks anytime within your Quicken software.
Easily import from Microsoft Money
If you've been using Microsoft Money personal finance software, we can help you transfer your valuable financial information to Quicken.4 With our easy-to-use Data Converter tool, you'll be up-and-running with Quicken in practically no time.

What's New in 2010

Already using Quicken? Reasons to upgrade now: New--See your most important info in one place
The new Quicken home page puts all your most important financial information in one easy-to-understand window, so you can see how you're doing at a glance.
Improved--Find the tools you need, faster
The improved menu and toolbar make it easier to find the tools you need to help organize your personal finances.
New--Getting started is a breeze
It's simpler than ever to put Quicken to work for you--so you can reach your personal finance goals faster. With the new Guided Setup, you just answer a few simple questions; we'll show you how Quicken works, and what to do next. You'll see your total financial picture come into focus even sooner than you expect.
New--Avoid late fees and penalties
We help you avoid overdraft fees and penalties--by showing you how much you'll have left in your account until your next paycheck.
Improved--Check for accuracy
We've made it easier to review your transactions, so you can quickly spot anything that looks inaccurate or out of place. If a transaction requires follow-up, you can flag it with a reminder.
Improved--Get tips from other Quicken users
With Quicken's Live Community, you can get help and advice from other Quicken users without ever leaving Quicken. If you have a question about something specific you're trying to do, just look to Live Community on the right of the Quicken screen for the answer.

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Microsoft Money Plus Home and Business

Microsoft Money Plus Home and Business

Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business - complete package
Category: Business applications
Subcategory: Business - commercial finance / tax preparation
License Type: Complete package
License Qty: 1 PC
License Pricing: Standard
Language(s): English
Localization: United States
Platform: Windows
Distribution Media: CD-ROM ( mini-box )
Package Type: Retail
OS Required: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later, Microsoft Windows Vista
Customers also search for: Discount Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business - Complete Package - 1 PC - CD (Mini-box) - Win - English - United States, Buy Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business - Complete Package - 1 PC - CD (Mini-box) - Win - English - United States Wholesale Microsoft Money Plus Home & Business - Complete Package - 1 PC - CD (Mini-box) - Win - English - United States, 0882224507653, KGA-00003, Education and Training

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Money Plus Deluxe - Windows XP, Windows XP Home Edition / Professional

Money Plus Deluxe

Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe provides all the tools you need to handle your finances in one place. The new Insights feature allows you to get a glance at your finances without even launching Money.
Money Plus Deluxe home page.
Spending Insights alert you when you've reached or are nearing your spending limits.
Cash Flow Insights show what's flowing in and out of your accounts.
Bills Insights alert you if bills are overdue or due soon.

Taking Money's award-winning features to a whole new level.
Microsoft Money Plus still provides all the tools you need to handle your finances in one place. But it also gives you a quick glance--without launching Money--at the financial information you need to keep you on top of your finances like never before.
Money's key features are still here:

  • Manage your money your way, from the big picture down to the details.
  • Forecast cash flow and stay on top of monthly spending.
  • Tackle tax time with ease, from finding deductions to estimating taxes.
  • Improve your investment strategy with help from the experts at MSN Money.
  • Help protect and improve your credit, and reduce your debt.
Plus, there's so much that's new--Insights!
With Insights, get a desktop glance at the information you need most, without launching money.
Spending Insights--Alerts you when you've reached or are nearing your spending limits.
Cash Flow Insights--See what's flowing in and out of your accounts.
Bills Insights--Alerts you if bills are overdue or due soon.
Plus, enjoy even more new and improved features:
Link to statements, checks, or images from a transaction. Quickly add links to images and other files to keep important records and information handy, organized, and up-to-date.
Background banking helps ensure your account information is up-to-date.

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Money Harm – The Story Of Marvin Moore (2010)

Money Harm – The Story Of Marvin Moore (2010)
Money Harm – The Story Of Marvin Moore (2010) | Size: 133 Mb
Artist: Money Harm | Genre: R & B | Year: 2010
Number of tracks: 17 | Playing time: 73:43 min | Format | Quality: mp3 | 256 kbps


01. Track 1
02. Me & U
03. Feel In Love
04. Sleep Around
05. Track 5
06. My Lady (Shes Sexy)
07. Feel In Love
08. Track 8
09. Track 9
10. Track 10
11. I’m In Love With You
12. Its Going Down
13. U Turn Me On
14. Track 14
15. Track 15
16. Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya
17. Tear It Up

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How to make money on eBay

How to 
make money on eBay
How to make money on eBay
Publisher: Allen & Unwin, 2010 | 538 pages | PDF | 62 MB

For the first time, eBay expert Todd Alexander has compiled a guide packed with invaluable advice to help sellers who want to seriously boost their online sales. How to Make Money on eBay is an easy-to-use, comprehensive guide that includes: Tips for staying safe online -- Ideas for sourcing products to sell -- User guides for advanced selling tools to save time and help boost profits -- Tips for improving your ranking in eBay's search results -- Marketing advice for increasing sales and securing repeat customers -- Tips for staying ahead of the competition -- Twelve eBay rules every seller must know
With eight years experience advising sellers how to improve their sales, this official guide is written by an eBay employee in clear language with concise step-by-step instructions and includes images taken directly from the eBay site to help you learn faster and easier. This is the essential selling guide for Australians who: want to use eBay to earn extra cash; may be eBay novices or have been trading on the site for years but never knew where to look for guidance on ramping up sales; work in an established business that is looking for additional online sales.

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Microstock Photography: How to Make Money from Your Digital Images

Microstock Photography: How to Make Money from Your Digital Images
Microstock Photography: How to Make Money from Your Digital Images
Focal Press | April 4, 2008 | ISBN: 0240808967 | PDF | 224 pages | 20 MB
Be a part of one of the world's fastest growing imaging phenomenons: microstock photography. Microstock photography provides both professional and amateur photographers an opportunity to diversify their income and expand their artistic visibility by turning day trip photos or photography portfolios into viable business investments.
Douglas Freer has written a comprehensive book that details the technical and commercial processes of the microstock industry. A must read for entrants into the microstock photography field, Microstock Photography shows you how to:

*Choose the right microstock agency
*Shoot work that will sell
*Navigate the strict technical requirements
*Understand the likely financial returns
*Review licensing models
*Understand copyright issues
*Over 60 illustrations and photographs help you improve your skills, learn new techniques specific to shooting stock photography and better understand what the microstock market demands. Anyone can shoot digital stock photography, but in order to make money and be successful, you need the practical advice that can only be found in this book.
*Learn how to start earning money fast from your personal photos or professional portfolio
*Contains invaluable information on the crucial technical and commercial requirements you'll need to meet to be successful in the microstock industry
*Over 60 full color images show you what sells and what doesn't.

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Stock Photo - Money Ship

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Stock Photos - Thiefs and Money

Stock Photos - Thiefs and Money
Stock Photos - Thiefs and Money
12 JPEG | ~3300x4900 pix | 35.8 Mb

Stock Photos - Thiefs 
and Money

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Stock Photo: Money

Stock Photo: Money 5 jpg l ~6000*4000 l 62,20 mb

Stock Photo: Money

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Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market

Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market
Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc. | 2007 | ISBN: 1602069530 | PDF | 404 pages | 5.53 MB
Much of what we consider modern economics is the work of British journalist and economist Walter Bagehot, one of the first editors of the influential newspaper The Economist and an early proponent of business cycles. Here, he develops his theory of central banking, much of which continues to impact financial thinking today. First published in 1873, this replica of the updated 1910 edition explores the history of London's Lombard Street, from how it came to be the traditional home of banks and moneylenders to how the value of money was determined by the institutions there. Joint stocks, private banking, and the regulation of the banking reserve: Bagehot's discussion of these fundamental economic issues makes this a vital resource for anyone wishing to understand financial history. WALTER BAGEHOT (1826-1877) also wrote The English Constitution (1867), Physics and Politics (1872), and The Postulates of English Political Economy (1885), among other works.

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PBS - NOVA S37E17 Mind Over Money (2010) 720p HDTV x264-ORENJI

PBS - NOVA S37E17 Mind Over Money (2010) 720p HDTV x264-ORENJI
PBS - NOVA S37E17 Mind Over Money (2010)
English | 720p HDTV x264-ORENJI | MKV | AVC 1280x720 3491Kbps 29.97fps | AC3 448Kbps 2Ch 48KHz | 00:52:55 | 1.46GB
Genre: Documentary
In the aftermath of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, NOVA presents "Mind Over Money"—an entertaining and penetrating exploration of why mainstream economists failed to predict the crash of 2008 and why we so often make irrational financial decisions. It's a show that reveals how our emotions interfere with our decision-making and explores controversial new arguments about the world of finance. Before the current crash, most Wall Street analysts believed that markets are "efficient"—that investors are reasonable and always operate in their own economic self-interest. Most of the time, these assumptions of classical economics work well enough. But in extreme situations, people panic and conventional theories collapse. In the face of the recent crash, can a new science that aims to incorporate human psychology into finance—behavioral economics—do better?

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Sell American - Bring Our Money Home Again!

Making Money from Home: How to Run a Successful Home-Based Business

Sell American - Bring Our Money Home Again!
English | 1993 | PDF | 84 pages | 1Mb

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Cash In a Flash – Fast Money In Slow Times

Cash In a Flash  – Fast Money In Slow Times
Cash In a Flash  – Fast Money In Slow Times
English | FLV + MP3 + PDF | 6.1 GB[/i]

* How to find the low-hanging fruit in your life that you can turn into cash quickly. Everybody has this “low hanging fruit” (Look, Bill Gates is NOT billions  of times smarter than other humans – that’s not even possible… he just knew where to pick the fruit that was ripe!).
* How to take advantage of the unbelievable bargains out there right now. You already know that somebody is getting rich snatching up these bargains, right? Here’s how you can do the same – no matter what your current financial situation
* How to make cash on the Internet faster than ever before. The opportunity has never been greater – there are new tools, new methods, and new ways to profit on the Internet. How would you like to be a “work from home millionaire”? We show you exactly how to do it.
* How to instantly have unstoppable confidence. It doesn’t matter what’s happening around you – when you know this secret you will be the “eye of the storm”, with unshakable faith and supreme confidence (so you can access powers not available to others).
* The 3 Most Important Ingredients for Rapid Success. Look, there are those who succeed quickly… and there are those who succeed slowly. Be honest: which would you prefer. The good news is there is no inherent virtue in succeeding slowly. And there’s no penalty for getting rich quickly.
* The little known “dirty secret” of the world’s easiest money strategy. You may laugh out loud when you learn this secret. And you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.
* How to ‘flip the switch’ to YOUR PERSONAL, UNIQUE fortune. Nobody else is teaching this – but we promise if you’re open to receive it, it works almost like magic.
* The simplest Push the Button strategy of online profits. Yes, people do “make money while they sleep” on the Internet. Both of us do. And many, many of our students do it. Isn’t it a shame that you’re not doing it – when it’s so easy?
* How to create your own #1 New York Times bestseller. And we ought to know. We’ve spent not just weeks of the New York Times list BUT YEARS! Between us we have dozens of #1 New York Times bestsellers.
* What nobody else knows about getting on (and staying on) the New York Times Best Seller list. If you’ve ever wanted to earn a fortune with your own book don’t miss the FULL DAY worth of video we’ll spend showing you the insider secrets we’ve NEVER before shared with any audience.
* How to generate an instant fortune from information marketing. You already have a fortune worth of information in your head and heart RIGHT NOW. Here’s how to turn it into cash. You see, we’ve both marketed OVER A BILLION DOLLARS worth of information in our popular books, seminars, trainings, webinars, and teleconferences. We’ll share with you our little know billion dollar strategies. NO ONE in the country can teach you what we have learned over the past 25 years.
* The fastest paths to cash. We’ll reveal our personal, most successful business ventures. Where did we personally win BIG TIME? And where did we LOSE OUR SHIRTS? We share with you how we’ve learned to spot the winners.

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ALL LINKS ARE INTERCHANGEABLE!Cash in a Flash: Real Money in No Time
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Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition UPGRADE with SP2

With Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2, you get safer browsing and communication, powerful security tools, and improved experiences. Packed with multimedia features, Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 aims to unlock the full potential of your personal computer. It also looks great, with rounded window corners, larger and more detailed icons, and a clean-look desktop.

Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 ofers you greater flexibility and more options, when creating those great digital projects. The Service Pack is filled with updates that make XP even better! 


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Stock photo - Money

Stock photo -

5 JPG | max 3800x2600 | 18,6 mb
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Money stock clipart

stock clipart
7 | 72-240dpi | 2500X1875-4096X2734 | jpg | 23 Mb

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The American money

American money

American money

7 | от 2133х1600 до 8736х5824 | jpg | 23,5 Mb

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